Reliable in Renewable

homerechtsSynvalor designs and delivers cost effective and energy efficient sustainable energy installations. We have extensive knowledge build on 25 years of experience with gasification. Our track record shows results.

Synvalor has the knowledge and the practical experience to design and build state of the art solutions to convert fuel sources into electricity and/or heat. We have experience with fuel sources such as wood, agro residues and combustible wastes. All our work is focused on simple, low cost and low maintenance operations to the benefit of our clients. Our main design rule is: keep it simple!

Synvalor has knowledge from, experience with and access to several gasifier types, be it fluid bed or fixed bed. As gasification still has the disadvantage of the inevitable production of fine ashes and tars, we have taken great effort in developing different technologies to remove these pollutants in one go, including the potential removal of acid components.

In addition we have developed special technologies to bring feedstock into the gasifier. Feedstock most of the time is moist material, contains high ash content and/or is inhomogeneous both in composition and size. Managing all of these variables into one smoothly running operation, including the discharge of the ashes, is our job!homelinks

Future developments at Synvalor will focus on further improving the overall efficiency of our plants by improving the gasifiers, the overall system, and reducing overall cost for our clients, investment wise and maintenance wise.

Our Motto: Reliable in Renewable speak for itself, since there are only very few reliable working installations yet which show undisturbed operation records over > 8.000 hours per year, and show remarkable low operation and maintenance cost at the same time.

Having operated a first generation installation over several years, we know what it takes to make installations work smoothly over years.