image4The goal of Synvalor is to supply reliable installations to produce energy from renewable sources, whereas these sources maybe typical renewable sources like wood and agro residues, but may also be waste materials containing organic contents like non chlorous plastics. The key rules in our design are cost effective solutions at affordable operational efforts and at low maintenance budgets. This leads to standardized modular systems, which are easy to operate and easy to maintain. No extensive operator training, quick start-up and stop procedures, as little parts as possible which require maintenance, no moving parts in the hot zones. Small plot areas, high controllability, intrinsically safe and thus as a result of all these design rules: reliable technology!

Synvalor combines profound knowledge with extensive experience which allow us to be of service to anyone interested in developing energy production from waste material and/or renewable sources at reasonable production cost. In some cases we may even sell you only the energy service being electricity and/or heat. Synvalor personnel has been heavily involved in realizing gasifiers using fluid beds or fixed beds since the end of the last century and actually did operate a 3,5 MW thermal gasifier producing heat for an indirectly fired drying process.

The main advantage of gasification is that inhomogeneous feedstocks can be converted into a homogenous gas with a considerably higher level of applicability and that as opposed to combustion the “dirty components” will be found more readily in the ash than in the gas. The produced syngas can be image1used either as a replacement of natural gas to produce usable heat for drying, heating, steam production or whatever application our clients may have. Or the syngas can be fed to an engine to produce electricity plus heat in CHP-sets, if the gas is free from dust and tars, which at affordable air driven gasification plants inevitably will be present in the production gas. Of course there will always be the other option for making electricity if you gasify the waste, convert the gas in a boiler into steam or thermal oil and use either Steam or Organic Rankine Cycles to generate electricity. Naturally this will be at lower efficiencies then when using gas engines or turbines.

To make a reliable plant on inhomogeneous feedstocks requires more skills than just the building of a gasifier, it requires a proper feedstock preparation to get composition, particle size and moisture content  right before feeding it into the gasifier. It also requires knowledge on the ash treatment system, as the ash from a gasifier will be very reactive and will start burning immediately when it is exposed to air. Finally the gas treatment will be of great importance as the syngas or producer gas regularly will contain dust (ash particles) and tars, which would pollute the engine if fed into the engine without cleaning. But even in some heat applications it may be wise to remove the dust particles before entering the heating equipment (tube fired boilers, tube fired driers or heaters, a.o.)

Last but not least, as the client himself most of the time lacks the skills connected to this technology Synvalor out of its own experience can integrate the energy plant into the day-to-day operation as we have done this before.